Making the school a greener place to be

RCHS RECYCLING CLUB members (from left) Mandy Wennberg, Kristi Lestina, Aidan Schott, John Hunt and Kyle Fuller sort cans.

Helping the school to become a ‘greener’ place to b - this is the mission statement for the Reed-Custer High School Recycling Club.

The Recycling Club was formed in 2011 with the help of a small group of dedicated students. Club members volunteer their time emptying the recycling bins in the hallways and sorting out the aluminum cans.

The club has been involved in reducing the use polystyrene products in the cafeteria since the #6 PS plastic can't be recycled and is found to be harmful to the environment.

They also collect dried up markers as part of a recycling program sponsored by Crayola. Members meet twice a month after school to do this and discuss any future projects.

Currently the club is participating in an aluminum can collection contest sponsored by Belsen Steel, 1685 Illinois Route 50, Bourbonnais. Aluminum cans can be dropped at Belsen Steel and RCHS will get points if the school is mentioned at the time of drop off.

Those who drop off aluminum cans will get money for the aluminum and the Recycle Club will receive money at the end of the contest to use towards future projects.  The contest runs until April.

The RCHS Recycling club has dedicated students that care about the environment and are always interested in helping out, not just at RCHS, but in the community.