Frieders in the spotlight for December

The Reed-Custer High School Senior Spotlight winner for the month of December is Brodie Frieders.

Brodie is the son of Jeff and Connie Frieders.

During his high school career, Brodie has been part of Math Team, Scholastic Bowl, WYSE, choir, football, and track. He was also a Student of the Month and an ACE winner.

Brodie’s teachers said he’s a natural leader.

“Brodie is one of the most caring, mature and considerate kids in the entire school,” said Mrs. Bugg. “He always shows compassion and patience to the other students in my class. If there were a “student of the year” award, he would have my vote.”

Mrs. Leveille appreciates that Brodie was always well behaved and a hard worker.

“He was very inquisitive and asked questions when he needed help with his work,” Mrs. Leveille said. “He worked well with others in the class and helped me out by helping the other students with their Chemistry stoichiometry problems since he “got it” quicker than most. He was a part of our WYSE team last year that took second place at the regional competition. All around polite and a positive person.”

Mr. Roth said Brodie is always very polite, respectful, and well-prepared for class.

“He is conscientious about his work, and comes in for extra help regularly before school when he needs it,” Mr. Roth said.

Mrs. Valiente noted that Brodie is one of the most pleasant, well-mannered young men she has ever met, always greeting her with a polite hello and a smile, brightening her day.

Mrs. Benoit says that Brodie is a great student and kind person.

“Brodie has a strong work ethic,” Mrs. Benoit said. “He competes in sports and is committed to working hard academically. He studies for exams, turns in his work on time, and goes above and beyond in order to reach his goals. As a self-advocating student, Brodie is willing to do whatever it takes to make sure he reaches success. He asks questions in class, sees his teachers for extra help when needed, and communicates with his classmates about academics.”

Mr. Wolf called Brodie is a kind, considerate, and extremely hard-working young man.

“He is a model student who understands the world around him and constantly works towards discovering his role in it,” Mr. Wolf said. “He is one of those people who brings a smile to all who meet him. Brodie is exceedingly deserving of this honor.”

Ms. Askew called Brodie extremely positive, always with a smile on his face, more than willing to help others, and someone who truly cares about learning.

Although Mrs. McGarey doesn’t know him that well, she noted that on the Scholastic Bowl team, Brodie always has a smile on his face.

Mr. Carrescia believes that Brodie is intelligent and hard-working.

“He is a great young man that would go out of his way to help anyone else have a better day,” Mr. Carrescia said. “It is always a joy to talk to him.”

Mr. Gleixner called Brodie a model student and a great kid, always willing to lend a hand and is always ready to say hello.

Mr. Newsom said that he appreciates that Brodie one of the nicest young men he’s ever had as a student.

“He is intelligent and has a good mind, yes, but a lot of intelligent people with good minds know it and are arrogant about it,” Mr. Newsom said. “Brodie is always—and I mean always, as in there has never been a day I’ve seen him otherwise—thoughtful, considerate, compassionate, and kind. It would be nice to have more students like Brodie, in a way—students with a heart to equal their minds. But I guess if all students were like him, then he wouldn’t be as special as he is.”

Mrs. Olszta says that “’Roger’ (as Brodie is affectionately known in French) is genuine and hard-working, as well as reliable and one who always has a smile on his face.

As a final thought, Brodie’s advice to younger students is, “Never forget to have fun while you’re working hard.”

Brodie plans to attend Joliet Junior College, then transfer to a four year university.

On behalf of the teachers and staff at RCHS, congratulations Brodie Frieders, the December winner of the Senior Spotlight.

About Senior Spotlight

During the 2017-18 school year, Reed-Custer High School will recognize one outstanding senior each month in a program called “The Senior Spotlight.”

RCHS wants to recognize and honor seniors who represent the school and district in a positive light, who exemplify the values encouraged by the district, who work hard in and out of school, who are involved in various activities, and who are productive members of the school community.