Wish granted

Bell will celebrate milestone birthday in the City of Light

BRIANNA BELL and her twin sister, Kaitlyn, will celebrate their 13th birthday in Paris, France. Brianna’s wish to travel to France was granted by Make-A-Wish Foundation of Illinois. Along with her twin sister, Brianna will take in all that Paris has to offer with her entire family. She learned of the June 2018 date during a special wish granting party on Tuesday, Nov. 7. Brianna (front center) is pictured with her sisters Kaitlyn and Daisy (left and right front respectively). Sister Amelia (from left row two) and parents Christopher and Stacy.

Brianna Bell knows first hand that wishes can come true.
    A student at Coal City Middle School, Brianna was granted a wish by the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Illinois and last week she learned the non-profit organization arranged for her to travel to Paris, France with her family.
    Make-A-Wish grants wishes to children who are battling life-threatening medical conditions.
    In April, Brianna was diagnosed with benign neoplasm, and then in August test results determined she had a meningioma with brain invasion. This is a tumor that arises from the coverings of the brain and spinal cord. It is rare in children.
    As her parents meet with doctors to determine the best course of treatment, Brianna endures multiple doctor appointments, none of which bring the 12-year-old much joy.
    In hopes of lifting her spirits, Stacy Bell submitted her daughter’s name for consideration to Make-A-Wish.
    The organization, “believes that wishes are an important part of the overall care and treatment of these children.”
    Local wish granters met with Brianna in early October and learned she wanted to visit Paris with her family.
    Her request was submitted for medical approval and she was cleared to travel.
    To share the exciting news with Brianna, local volunteers and businesses joined together to host a wish reveal party at Rachetti’s Pizzeria and Cafe. On Nov. 7, a portion of the sports-themed restaurant was transformed into a Paris Cafe complete with pink balloons for the announcement that was kept secret until Brianna arrived.
    The 12-year-old was moved to tears as she found out her wish was granted and her family was headed to Paris. To make the moment even better, she learned she and her twin sister, Kaitlyn, would be celebrating their 13th birthday in the City of Light.
    So in June 2018 Brianna and Kaitlyn, along with sisters Amelia and Daisy, and their parents Christopher and Stacy, will board a plane for an all-expenses paid adventure to France.
    In addition to Rachetti’s and its owners Danny and Judy Raciti, K&W Bakery in Diamond assisted in helping with the reveal.