Unit 1 issues safety alert

Unit 1 School Superintendent Dr. Kent Bugg issued the following statement this afternoon...


On Thursday, April 13, the Coal City Police Department reported to the school district that a suspicious vehicle had stopped a group of students asking directions to a business.  The reported event took place near the corner of Broadway and Division in Coal City.  The female driving the suspicious vehicle then asked the students to get in the car and show her where the business was located.  The students did not get into the car and reported the incident to the Coal City Police Department.


The report from the local police identified the vehicle was an old rusted out red car being driven by a woman with a southern accent.  There was also a man in the passenger seat and a dog.  The students did not remember the license plate number or any further identifying information.


The school district will be making our faculty, staff and students aware of this concern.  We will also be placing this safety alert on our school district website and on our social media pages.  If you see any vehicle matching this description, please contact the Coal City Police Department immediately.