Test your knowledge; it's time for a quiz

Sandy Vasko

    This Thanksgiving while you're lounging on the couch in a haze of turkey and fixings, instead of watching football, try taking this quiz about Braidwood history.
    All of the questions are based on past Time Was columns. Good luck.

 1. Who was Braidwood's first mayor?
    a. James Braidwood
    b. William Odell
    c.  L.H. Goodrich
    d. Daniel McLaughlin

 2. Lower Braidwood is on what side of town?
    a. North
    b. East
    c. South
    d. West

 3. In the 1890's Braidwood was the site of the only school in Illinois that was taught in a foreign language.  What language was it?
    a. Welsh
    b. Italian
    c. French
    d. Bohemian

 4. The following can be said of Anton Cermak
    a. He worked a Rossi's Macaroni factory
    b. He was Mayor of Chicago
    c. He was assassinated in Florida
    d. He was wanted by the mob

 5. Braidwood is one of the few places to find
    a. the state bird
    b. the state flower
    c. the state rock
    d. the state fossil

 6. Robert Huston became Sheriff of Will County despite what?
    a. no one voted for him
    b. he only had one leg
    c. he couldn't shoot
    d. he was a Democrat

 7. One of early Braidwood's favorite pastimes was
    a. quoits
    b. dominoes
    c. checkers
    d. shuffleboard

 8. In 1860 the Prince of Wales visited the Braidwood area.  Why?
    a. to work in a coal mine
    b. to visit a relative
    c. to purchase land
    d. to go hunting

 9. How long did some miners have to wait for their back pay after the strike of 1877?
    a. 10 years
    b. 3 years
    c. 1 year
    d. 6 months

 10. In 1883 a fire at the G shaft was responsible for killing
    a. 33 mules
    b. 33 miners
    c. 33 hidden convicts
    d. 33 politicians

    Answers:  1 - c; 2 - a; 3 - d; 4 - a, b, c, d (trick question); 5 - d; 6 - b; 7 - a; 8 - d; 9 - b; 10 - a