STB rejects Great Lakes Basin Railroad

On Wednesday, The Surface Transportation Board (STB) issued a decision on the application by the Great Lakes Transportation, Inc. (GLBT) to construct and maintain a railway.

The STB found the GLBT failed to provide the Board with accurate financial information upon which the Board can rely to make a determination on the transportation merits of the project as required. The financial information provided in GLBT’s application, as supplemented, is fundamentally flawed, making it impossible for the Board to determine whether GLBT can meet the statutory criteria.

The financial information submitted by GLBT; therefore, cannot reasonably be relied upon by the Board to determine the financial condition of GLBT under the statutory criteria.
“Victory!” Rep. Parkhurst (R-Kankakee) said about the decision. “The Surface Transportation Board denied the Great Lakes Basin rail way. It is impressive what community unity and togetherness can achieve!”

Rep. Parkhurst has led the charge against the proposal in the Illinois House. Since the initial proposal in May, Rep. Parkhurst has urged constituents to contact the STB to oppose the proposal and sent a letter to the STB herself. Rep. Parkhurst filed a resolution with the Illinois House in May condemning the proposal and secured co-sponsors from every representative in the path. The resolution was adopted by the House in a unanimous vote on June 29th.
The Board found GLBT’s application incomplete and rejected the application.
Because the Board rejected GLBT’s application, the Board discontinued the environmental review process associated with the proposed project.