School issues safety alert, reminder

Staff Report

    Wilmington School District 209-U issued a reminder to all parents and students Friday about the importance of regularly discussing safety strategies and appropriate reactions to potentially dangerous situations.
    On Thursday evening, a report was filed with the Wilmington Police Department by a  middle school-aged student. Dr. Matt Swick, superintendent, said the student reported that a stranger in a silver sedan had attempted to initiate communication as the student was riding a bike through the middle school campus.
    “It spooked the kid, and he kept riding,” Dr. Swick said. The student arrived at a nearby friend’s home, and believes the sedan turned north on Kankakee Street.
    The youngster was not physically confronted or harmed in any way, the alert said.
    “At this time, the details are very limited and the Wilmington Police Department is uncertain regarding whether or not a this was a truly dangerous or threatening situation.
    However, we wanted to share the information with parents and students, along with a reminder to always talk to your children about making safe choices in all situations and circumstances,” the alert said.
    As always, school officials urge students and parents to share all safety-related concerns with school staff members and the Wilmington Police Department, whenever appropriate. The safety and well-being of students is always their number one priority.