Post 1336 honors Berkot’s Super Foods

MEMBERS OF POST 1336 Veterans of Foreign Wars presented certificates of appreciation to its Buddy Poppy partners at Coal City's Berkot's Super Foods. From left are commander Charlie Brown, Berkot’s customer service manager Elizabeth Lovell, trustee Ray Onsen, Berkot’s store manager Gary Onsen and James "Hoppy" Phillips, junior vice-commander.

St. Juvin Post 1336 showed its appreciation to Berkot's Super Foods Coal City store manager Gary Onsen and customer service manager Elizabeth Lovell for their support of the organization’s Buddy Poppy campaign this November.  
For the last several years Berkot's has offered the poppies to customers during the week of Veteran's Day and accepted donations to support veteran's service projects conducted by Post 1336.
Onsen and Lovell were presented with certificates of appreciation.
The VFW national by-laws require that any donations received as the result of the poppy events must be used in direct support of veteran's needs.
This year Post 1336 surprised Lovell with a token of appreciation for her service to the Post that they received from an anonymous donor, it was a past treasurer of a VFW Ladies Auxiliary gold pin.
Post member Randy Brown was returning from a Post event wearing his VFW jacket when he stopped in at the Dollar General store in Diamond.  A woman he did not know approached him and asked if he was a VFW member. When he replied that he was she handed him a small box and said it was for the VFW.
When Brown opened the box he found that it contained some VFW Ladies Auxiliary jewelry. He looked up to ask her about the jewelry but she had left the store. Post 1336 does not know who the woman was, why she was carrying around a box of jewelry, or where it came from.  
“Sometimes events like this are just random occurrences with no apparent meaning, or maybe they aren't. In any event the Post wanted Elizabeth to have the pin in appreciation of her dedication to the Poppy program,” said Charlie Brown, commander of Post 1336.