Indoor trap range closer to approval

Ann Gill

     Diamond’s Planning and Zoning Board heard a proposal on the construction and operation of an indoor trap range, and when the public testimony concluded, it approved the plan, forwarding it to the village board under three conditions.
    Leon Baine, and his wife, Christy, announced their intent to establish a trap range on property they purchased at 2155 E. Division St., the southwest corner of Route 113 and Daley Street.
    Among the first steps the couple must take is obtaining the village’s approval to rezone the 5.36-acre site into the town’s service business district, as well as gain the commissioners’ approval for a final plat of subdivision and modifications to the village code for exterior construction on buildings exceeding 65,000 square foot.
    All three issues were addressed at a public hearing on Monday, Feb. 4,  and forwarded to the village board with a recommendation for approval.
    About 15 people attending the hearing to learn more about the Baines’ business plan and to weigh in on various topics from safety to storm water drainage.
    Diamond Mayor Terry Kernc sat in on the meeting and noted the main concern addressed by citizens in attendance was storm water drainage at the site.
    The property in question does retain water and the plan for development includes drainage plans. The mayor pledged to look into the drainage issues addressed by neighboring property owners. In fact, she’s made some promises to work on drainage  that will likely include water main replacement extending from Border Street to Redmond Street and the installation of new catch basins.
    Less than 24 hours after the hearing closed, the mayor was already at work on drainage plans for the area.
    One topic of discussion at the hearing included safety. Two residents expressed concern, one offering a suggestion for a business that provides fun activities for people of all ages.
     Safety measures were explained and among them is that no one entering the facility will be allowed to utilize outside ammunition. All ammunition utilized in the facility must be purchased on site, as its a quality that works well in these types of facilities due the limited charge and force control.
    As Kernc noted it was made clear individuals can leave the facility with ammunition purchased at the range, but that ammunition can not be brought back into the facility as a safety measure.
    In outlining plans for the 70,000-square foot facility, the architects and the developers touched on various building features from the extensive insulation that will be included in the construction to mitigate noise pollution. There will be bullet- proof glass separating the gathering and spectator area from the two shooting lanes. Those in attendance at the hearing also heard about ballistic netting, a detention pond on the south side of the property and tree lined berm that will be installed around the pond.
    Kernc was pleased with how the hearing went and that residents not only had an opportunity to hear about the business plan, but to address their concerns.
    The Planning and Zoning Board’s recommendations are slated to be discussed and voted on by village commissioners at March 26 Village Board meeting.
    Should the Village Board approved the text amendment, map amendment and plat of subdivision, the developers would then need to finalize a development agreement with the village and obtain final engineering. Village officials say the Baine’s would be able to apply for a building permit and begin site construction during this phase.