G-SW girls celebrate with 8th grade night win

On Thursday the Gardner-South Wilmington girls 8th grade softball team lost to Coal City 8-9, but deserve some recognition.
They played hard and fought until the very end with trying to score and come back.
The girls had a total of 7 stolen bases.
Brynn Christensen had an RBI double in the top of the 7th. Jaci Wilkey also had an RBI in the top of the 7th to score the 8th run and make it a 1-run game. Defensively, Brynn Christensen had 6 strikeouts. Autumn Manzello made a great double play to get the Lions out of a tough inning.
Although they lost the game, they were able to come back from a 4-run lead from Coal City and make it a 1-run game. Super proud of the girls and their playing.
Wednesday night GSWB won against Grand Ridge on their 8th Grade night. The final score was 10-6 with Brynn Christensen getting an in-the-park homerun for the Lions. The girls did well running the bases with 5 stolen bases. Lily Eddy had 2 RBI's and had a great sac bunt.
Defensively, Brynn Christensen had 14 strikeouts on the mound. Kaylee Tousignant did well behind the plate by catching 3 runners trying to steal second. Lily Buck played well being the one to tag the girls out at second.
We recognized Izabella Serena, Alexa Dougherty, Jaci Wilkey, and Lily Buck last night as our 8th graders and we wish them well next year as a Panther.