Custer Park man arrested in connection with man found dead in Kankakee County



A six month investigation into a body discovered in rural Kankakee County has culminated in the arrest of a Custer Park man for concelament of death.

The Braidwood Police Department announced the arrest on Tuesday, Nov. 22. 

On May 7, Adam Watts, 44, of Custer Park was reported missing to the Braidwood Police Department by a family member along with friends after not hearing from Watts for months, according to a press release from the BPD.

One week later, on May 14 following an intense investigation, Watts' body was discovered wrapped in several layers of material and plastic that was ratchet strapped into a removed truck bedliner and dumped in a densely wooded area in rural Kankakee County.

An autopsy performed by The Kankakee County Coroner's Office determined that Watts' cause of death was an accidental drug poisioning due to methamphetamine intoxication.

On Tuesday, BPD arrested Mark Ramsey, 57, on two felony counts of Concealment of Death. Ramsey was arrested at his home in Custer Park after an arrest warrant was issued in connection with the disappearance of Watts

Ramsey was placed under arrest and is being held on $500,000 bond.

The investigation was conducted by the Braidwood Police Department with the assistance of The Grundy County Sheriff's Office Pro Act Unit.