Braidwood songwriter releases CD


Chuck Abney, a recently retired teacher from Braidwood, has released a new studio album called "Optional Stripes" and is available on or iTunes, either by digital download or by purchasing the cd.

Abney has been writing songs for almost 50 years. He performs an eclectic mixture of original folk-pop and classic-rock style songs, making use of the harmonica and his Martin guitar.

He records at 3rd City Sound studio in Joliet, IL, and has completed two original cd's to date. "Lantern in the Night" was released in January of 2016 and "Optional Stripes" in August of 2017. His new album "Optional Stripes" is somewhat reminiscent of the 1960s and ‘70s, with subject matter relating to a variety of topics. The song "Chameleon" explores the need to fit in at the peril of losing one’s soul.

"Prankster" is a reminder that everyone has a little bit of the practical joker in them. "Angelina's Face" tells the symbolic story of an ordinary man demonstrating love and courage during the New York terrorist attack on 9/11. "Girl" is a fun sort of honky-tonk blues song about not getting enough affection.

Abney’s songwriting was influenced greatly by Cat Stevens, James Taylor, Neil Young and John Prine, to name just a few. His cd's, with a third one in the works, comprise a mix of his earlier songs with some of his new material. As anyone would guess by the writers who influenced him, his musical sound emphasizes melody, harmony and thought-provoking lyrics.        

Check out his original music on, iTunes, or by contacting him at chuckabney@sbcglobal. net. Abney and his wife, Chris have two grown children, a son, CJ and daughter, Traci.