WHS remembers Amy Salaba during Amy’s Corner Week

BAGS IN BUCKETS—WHS senior Aubin Shields tries the bag toss, just one of the games being offering in the WHS library during Amy’s Corner Week. Waiting for a turn are Parker Hazzard and Decklan Proffitt. Photo by Chloe Proffitt.

Chloe Proffitt
WHS Student Reporter

This week Wilmington High School is remembering Amy Salaba, a happy, motivated and thoughtful alum to WHS.

Salaba made a name for herself as a friendly, giving student from her first day at WHS in 1999. She was very involved at school, spending all four of her senior high years as a library aide, and one year even put together the annual senior video by herself — a task that is usually tackled by a team of students. Amy’s love for reading is what truly made her stand out.

When Salaba died Jan. 2, 2005, just a few weeks before turning 20, Wilmington suffered a great loss.

In 2006, with the help of the Salaba family, WHS introduced Amy’s Corner in the school library in her memory.

Amy’s Corner offers new and popular teen fiction books through the generous donations of the Salaba family. Over half the books in the libary have been funded by these generous donations. All books included in Amy’s Corner are marked with a little butterfly sticker.

This week, to celebrate Amy, the school has put together dress up days and games all set up in the library. This week dress up days are as followed: Monday, favorite book character, Tuesday, comfy day, Wednesday, comic day, Thursday, heart day and Friday, purple and white.

The donations made from the family have truly transformed the libary into the place it is today.