Honoring Micalah

ASHTON ROGE AND MRS. GEORGEFF are very grateful for the bassoon donation from the Sembach family, in memory of Micalah Sembach.

Bridget Knowles
WHS Student Reporter

In her memory, Micalah Sembach’s family donated a bassoon to the WHS band.

Micalah Sembach was 15 and a freshman at Wilmington High School when she passed away in 2013 after being involved in a tragic car accident.

Sembach played oboe and clarinet in the band, and she also sang in the choir.

“Micalah was such a sweet girl. She was always hard working and kind spirited,” commented Mrs. Georgeff, the WHS band director.

Micalah’s parents, Margo and Mike Sembach set up the Micalah Sembach fund, which is housed in the music boosters account.

The bassoon was purchased through King music. The fund donated almost $4,000.

The family decided to donate a bassoon because it is similar to what Micalah played, the oboe, and they believe she would have eventually wanted to play bassoon.

“Her family and I wanted her memory to live on so this is a way for her to always be apart of our program,” said Mrs. Georgeff.

The bassoon has added a great sound to the band. It is currently being played by junior Ashton Roge.

The band has had several instruments donated over the years from the boosters and foundation. This bassoon was purchased brand new for the program.

Georgeff would like to thank the Sembach family for their continued support.

“I know this has been a very hard process for them. I hope this helps in their healing process,” commented Georgeff.

The band is very grateful to receive such a generous donation in honor of Micalah.