Exelon places fish habitats in Braidwood Lake

THE HABITAT HABIT- Brittney Dorsey, senior environmental specialist from Braidwood Station, drops an artificial fish habitat into Braidwood Lake Monday. The yearly project is resulting in bigger fish caught by anglers. Photo courtesy Exelon Braidwood Station.


The Illinois Department of Natural Resources partners with Exelon Generation’s Braidwood Station on Monday to place artificial fish habitats into Braidwood Lake.

The piping on the structures gets covered with algae within hours of being added to the lake, providing fish a lush habitat.

Since 2007, Exelon Generation has paid to put nearly 1,500 of these structures into the lake, which improves the quality of life for fish and has resulted in bigger fish in the lake.

More than 100 of the structures were dropped into Braidwood Lake on Monday.

The program has had a profound impact on the size of fish caught in the lake since its inception, according to IDNR biologists.

“This is one of the many programs Exelon Generation participates in to be a good neighbor in the community and make a difference for the environment,” said Brett Nauman, Communications Manager for Braidwood.