Braidwood water and sewer rates increased as of May 1


An effort by one member of the Braidwood City Council to freeze the annual water and sewer rate hike was defeated during the April 26 meeting of the City Council.

Streets and Alleys Commissioner Fay Smith had placed on the agenda a measure to waive the annual increase to water and sewer rates. By city code, rates automatically increase by 4% every year unless the council votes not to impose that increase.

“If we don’t [waive] it, it’s automatic, and I would like to not raise it,” Smith said. “Things have been so hard on people, and I don’t want to raise it right now, this year.”

However, Smith did not get any support for his motion. The measure to waive the water and sewer increase was defeated 4-1, with Smith the only commissioner to vote in favor of the resolution. There was no discussion by the council on the topic.

The water and sewer increase has been previously waived. The annual fee hike was waived by the city back three years in a row, from 2016 through 2018.

The increase went into effect on May 1.