Unofficial Will County election results

The following unofficial results of the Tuesday, Nov. 6 General Election were reported by the Will County Clerk at 10 p.m. Valid provisional ballots from Election Day and Vote by Mail ballots postmarked by Election Day will be added to these totals in 14 days. In 21 calendar days, the results are canvassed and become official.


Federal and state offices
Governor, Lieutenant Governor
R-Bruce Rauner, Evelyn Sanguinetti-105,773(43.77%)
*D-JB Pritzker, Juliana Stratton-120,095 (49.69%)
L-Grayson Kash Jackson, Sanjeev Mohip-5,400 (2.22%)
C-William "Sam" McCann, Aaron Merreighn-9,798 (4.03%)

Attorney General
R-Erika Harold-114,510 (47.13%)
*D-Kwame Raoul-122,144 (50.28%)
L-Bubba Harsy- 6,294 (2.59%)

Secretary of State
R-Jason Helland-80,470 (33.05%)
*D-Jesse White-157,204 (64.56%)
L-Steve Dutner-5,815 (2.39%)

R-Darlene Senger-101,903 (42.02%)
*D-Suzana A. Mendoza-133,214 (54.93%)
L-Claire Ball-7,382 (3.04%)

R-Jim Dodge-107,891 (44.85%)
*D-Michael Frerichs-123,701 (51.42%)
L-Michael Leheney-8,988 (3.74%)

Representative, 1st District (Jackson 1(pt) and 2)
*R-Jimmy Lee Tillman II-21,926 (53.68%)
D-Bobby L. Rush-14,842 (36.34%)
I-Thomas Rudbeck-4,076 (9.98%)

Representative, 16th District (Custer, Florence, Reed, Wesley, Wilmington townships)
*R-Adam Kinzinger-6,941 (65.43%)
D-Sara Dady-3,667 (34.57%)

State Senator
38th Legislative District
(Custer, Florence 1 (pt), Reed, Wesley, Wilmington)
*R-Sue Rezin-5,187 (66.08%)
D-Heidi Henry-2,662 (33.92%)

State Representative
75th District
(Custer, Florence (pt), Reed, Wesley, Wilmington)
*R-David Allen Welter-6,564 (100%)
D-No candidate

80th District (Florence Township)
R-No candidate
*D-Anthony DeLuca-13,004 (100%)

86th District (Jackson)
R-Rick Laib-8,872 (29.94%)
*D-Lawrence "Larry" Walsh Jr.-20,759 (70.06%)

Will County
R-Laurie McPhillips-117,556 (48.80%)
*D-Lauren Staley-Ferry-123,359 (51.20%)

R-Steve Weber-117,412 (48.80%)
*D-Timothy M. Brophy-122,605 (51.08%)

R-Jim Reilly-101,481 (42.17%)
*D-Mike Kelley-139,188 (57.83%)

Regional Superintendent
of Schools

R-No candidate
*D-Shawn Walsh-163,939 (100%)

County Board
District 6

(vote for not more than two)
*R-Don Gould-1,214 (42.61%)
R-Debbie Militello-7,986 (25.75%)
*D-Joe Van Duyne-9,808 (31.63%)

Circuit Court Judge
12th Judicial Circuit

(to fill vacancy of the Hon. Daniel J. Rozak)
R-Ben Braun-111,725 (46.93%)
*D-David Garcia-126,353 (53.07%)

(to fill vacancy of the Hon. Carla Alessio Policandriotes)
R-Victoria McKay Kennison-113,303 (47.87%)
*D-Vincent F. Cornelius-123,406 (52.13%)