Plans for plowing in Wesley

Staff Report

    Like every other road commissioner in the area, Travis Parsley is getting ready to meet Friday night’s snowstorm head on.
    He checked on local road conditions this afternoon, to see what needed to be touched up. The salt spreader is loaded on the plow, and Parsley’s checked his supplies — 25 tons of “road salt” are in the shed. There’s sand too, if he runs low on salt and needs to mix, and there’s fuel in the tanks.
    Wesley Township residents should be aware that primary roads will be plowed first, so it may be some time before Parsley gets to secondary roads.
    Although he has a couple of CDL drivers on call for when he needs help, he’s pretty much doing the job by himself, and asks residents to be patient, the plow will be coming.
    Residents who have to be out and about are advised to drive carefully, whether on township, state, county or city roads.