I-8 Conference unable to come to agreement

    The Interstate Eight Conference will remain at 11 teams for now.
    The conference board could not come to an agreement whether to add a team or change member schools during a meeting Tuesday.
    All of the conference school’s athletic directors (minus Seneca) met Aug. 8 to vote on including Morris to the conference for the 2018 season, now that Seneca leaving.
    “There was not enough votes to admit Morris High School into the I-8 conference at the August meeting,” said I-8 President, Roger Schnitzler, in a conference statement after the meeting. “Therefore the conference stands at 11 schools at this time.”
    The conference board started with three schools that were in contention for admittance into the I-8, including Pontiac, Morris and Kankakee, and eventually narrowed the field  to just one, Morris.
    The board decided that Morris may be the best fit, seeing as their enrollment is around 870, according to the IHSA. They wound up contacting Morris and letting them know that they would be voting in August.
    The board needed nine out of the 11 schools to vote in favor of adding Morris, but was unable to acheive the percentage needed for passage.
    It looks like the board will need more time to deliberate, and hopefully come to an agreement before the 2018 season.