December’s wacky weather

The final month of the calendar year provided for some rather interesting weather—rain, snow, wind and unseasonably warm temperatures.
While the average monthly temperature for December is recorded at 34 degrees, the daily highs ranged from the teens to low 60s, with the warmest day of the month coming on Thursday, Dec. 26, when the high temp was recorded at 63 degrees. The daily low was recorded one week earlier on Wednesday, Dec. 19, at 12 degrees. Out of 31 days in the month the temperature was at or below freezing—32 degrees—26 of those days.
The peak wind gust of 26 miles per hour was recorded on Dec. 9.
The data comes from the monthly climatological data summary released by the Grundy County Emergency Management Agency’s (GCEMA) weather data division.
The monthly report further indicates 2.4 inches of snow fell on the county bringing the total snowfall for the season to 4.5 inches. GCEMA also recorded 1.27 inches of liquid precipitation, with the highest 24 hour total coming in on Sunday, Dec. 29. There were two days with measurable snow and five with measurable rain.
Grundy County’s total rainfall for 2019 is recorded at 61.04 inches, close to double 2018’s total of 34.27 inches.
The monthly report is based on records kept on file at the GCEMA’s office located in the county’s administration center located at 1320 Union St., Morris.