Ag. students will raise, sell fish

Tyler Warner
RC Student/Grundy FAA Reporter & Historian

The GAVC Ag Department is in full swing at Coal City High School as the first semester begins. Students have been busy the first couple of weeks getting into the community and starting the groundwork to create the new FFA chapter.

The semester started off in aquaculture. Students learned about the impact that aquaculture has on the economy and planned different projects to be in charge of throughout the year.

As part of the class, students will be raising and selling clownfish, guppies, betta fish and red cherry shrimp in a class-created aquaculture business, Marley’s Fishery.

They will also be raising and selling chickens later in the year as well, after the class hatches eggs during their poultry unit. For more information on either of these projects contact  Grundy Area Ag Department on Facebook or send e-mail to

Much appreciation goes out to everyone who has helped the GAVC Ag Department so far. They have received several cash donations from Compeer Financial and anonymous sources to help get the program running.

The Grundy County Farm Bureau also donated money to purchase new official FFA jackets for all members/officers. Mark Fiske from CCHA and his family helped the class find incubators for their chicken project.

The class was invited to attend the Grundy County Soil and Water Conservation Breakfast. Students who attended met with local agriculture business professionals about the class, the plans for the future of the program and to network professionally.

The GAVC Ag Program’s new tractor will be in this year’s Corn Fest parade on Sept. 30 through downtown Morris. This tractor was donated to the program and was restored by the auto department at GAVC thanks to Mr. Schwiesow and

Mr. Wickman for your hard work and all of the effort put into the tractor.

The Grundy Area FFA Chapter is starting an Ag Club for those students in all feeder schools who are not able to enroll in Ag class. That includes students from Reed-Custer, Wilmington and Coal City.

They are also looking for FFA Alumni. The alumni is an organization that provides support to FFA chapters and its members. It isn’t required to be a former member of the FFA to become an Alumni member. For any more details e-mail

At the first FFA meeting,   officers were elected. The officers are as follows: Aubrey Ehrman, Coal City, president; Bobby Batson, Wilmington, vice president; Jake Borchelt, Coal City, secretary; Nathan Cserep, Reed-Custer, treasurer and Tyler Warner, Reed-Custer, reporter/historian.